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Gratitude for our Environment is Greater than Singular Moments

At Ponderosa Productions we are extraordinarily grateful for every effort put into conserving our environment. From preventative, protective, and preservation efforts - we value the work you do on every project, issue, and conservation habit you have formed!

"When grateful we affirm that we have received an unearned good and recognize that this good comes from outside of us." - Serazin & Emmons. "How Gratitude Can Help Combat Climate Change" Time Magazine 2021. 

Things which we are grateful for have a way of resonating with us in an everlasting way. Robby is known for his ability to slow down time, allowing appreciation to sink as far into the human experience as possible.

We would like to show and tell you our gratitude for the work you do. Our way of showing our gratitude today is through sharing approaches we have done and seen be effective for stakeholders. With this knowledge, we hope to inspire strong bonds between you as well as both your internal & external communities. We hope you enjoy approaches to gratitude below. Thank you for all you do!

Thanking Volunteers

  • Featured Volunteer Stories

  • Recognition Events

  • Awards & Certificates

  • Social Media Shout Outs

  • Offering expert level workshops Photo Credit: Robby Hirst On Set Preparing Materials for Volunteers

Thanking Staff

  • Feature success stories

  • Do surprise gestures

  • Establish recognition programs

  • Provide incentives Photo Credit: Robby Hirst On Set Displaying Recognition

Thanking Donors

  • Filming picturesque moments to thank clients can go a long way for repeat donations.

  • Surprise donors with a thank you message that uses a special photo of the environment they took themselves.

  • Ask them what the most peaceful point for them outdoors is and capture a storytelling framed photo. Photo Credit: Robby Hirst Yaquina Head Light House

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