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The Challenges of Filming Off-Grid - And How We Make It Easy

Hello, I'm Robby Hirst, the owner of Ponderosa Production Company, and today, I want to give you a glimpse into the unique challenges we face when filming in remote, off-grid locations. These projects are not just a job for us; they're a passion, but they also come with their fair share of logistical hurdles. Let's explore the challenges we encounter and the innovative solutions we've implemented to make it all work.

Power: The Heartbeat of Off-Grid Filming

One of the biggest hurdles we face when we venture deep into the wilderness is power. Everything we use, from cameras to lighting and audio equipment, relies on a steady source of energy. Thankfully, the solar battery industry has made impressive advancements. We've harnessed the power of solar energy to set up solar battery banks that can sustain an entire video interview setup, even in the heart of the wilderness. These battery banks are incredibly efficient but quite heavy, so you won't find us lugging them for miles. Nevertheless, they're invaluable tools when we can utilize them.

Access to Remote Locations: Our Rigged Out 4Runner

Getting to these remote, off-grid locations can be an adventure in itself. In addition to our trusty grip van for in-town shoots, we've equipped a fully rigged-out 4Runner to handle the more challenging terrain and longer journeys. This 4Runner is loaded with gear and supplies, ensuring we can replicate the luxuries of a shoot in town while out in the wild. It's our mobile command center, allowing us to tackle the remotest of locations with confidence.

Staying Connected: The Starlink Revolution

Staying connected while on these off-grid productions is crucial. In recent times, we've seen incredible benefits from Starlink. Most of our base camps are now equipped with Starlink setups. This technology has revolutionized our ability to stay in touch with our home office, keep abreast of changing conditions, and maintain seamless communication with our clients. The digital bridge provided by Starlink has transformed our off-grid projects and brought the world closer to us, even in the most remote locations.

Continuous Improvement

We've made it our mission to streamline off-grid productions, not just for ourselves but for our crew and clients as well. It's an ongoing process of learning, adapting, and fine-tuning. Every project teaches us something new, and we're constantly making adjustments to make off-grid filming more efficient, more comfortable, and ultimately more successful.

As challenging as filming off-grid can be, it's an integral part of what we do at Ponderosa Production Company. We thrive on the untamed beauty of nature, the remote wilderness, and the stories that unfold in these extraordinary settings. It's our commitment to overcoming the obstacles and making these projects not only possible but memorable.

So, the next time you see one of our productions set against the backdrop of a remote, off-grid location, remember that behind the scenes, we've tackled these challenges head-on, armed with innovative solutions and an unwavering passion for our work. And we'll keep venturing into the wilderness because we believe that the most incredible stories are waiting to be told where civilization fades away.

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