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What heights have we achieved since the COP28 called for "highest ambition outcomes"?

On the last day of the COP28, leaders went into overtime calling for countries to strive for "highest ambition outcomes." If you are reading this, you are likely a very ambitious person for the environment. It is no surprise that we have roadblocks at the intersections of economic and environmental ambitions. The flow in those intersections is actually interdependent. How do we break those blocks to create consistent, progressive change for our environment? The data in McKinsey's recent Sustainability report speaks to how collaboration between public-private-philanthropic-social (also known at a 4P model) sector organizations strengthens the impact of that interdependence.

The common goal for every human on the planet right now is to assure planet Earth remains a viable place to live for much longer than is currently forecasted. Every day, people within environmental conservation organizations are doing work that is clearing our paths to success. However, the work being done now must be scaled up.

If we have learned anything over the past several years is that it takes precise communication to align decision-makers as stakeholders & shareholders. At Ponderosa Productions, we are already invested in your mission and would like to communicate your story, help broaden your 4P ecosystem model, and invigorate your community to action like never before.

From Innovation to Establishment

This graph by McKinsey reveals and little bit about how 4P models benefit specific initiatives within organizations. These might be similar to your mission. It can be inferred that 4P models help organizations take projects from the innovation stage through to establishment while sustainably scaling your ambitions.

Thank you so much for everything you do for our planet every day!

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